How To Deal With Job Search Rejection

What follows is my absolute best advice on how best to deal with those rejection letters you will receive as a result of your job search:

~Lynda C. Watts

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4 Responses to How To Deal With Job Search Rejection

  1. Janice says:

    I commented on another article here about the star ratings and THIS is exactly what I mean! How can you only have 2 1/2 stars here? It’s a funny video for pete sakes! Fred or Barney (who likely attacked your blog) are true idiots. I totally see now what you talk about in your start up article. Isn’t it sad that there are people like that who dont have a life and all they can do with there time is try to hurt other people? It’s sick. I’m trying to help though and I’m working my way through your blog to click on the stars which is taking me a long time because I keep reading and commenting LOL

    • lyndacwatts says:

      I replied to your comment on the other article Janice. Yes, this is a good example / proof of the attack. I imagine in time the rating will work itself back up to 5. Thank you for your help!! I have the best readers on the net (well, all but 1 anyway. LOL)

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