An Open Door

Opportunities Just Ahead

We all know the saying, “When one door closes, another door opens.”  And as difficult as it may be when a door slams into your backside, the excitement of what lies ahead will quickly ease the pain — if you’re willing to look forward!

As our hair turns gray, our bodies gravitate in a southward direction, and our nests become empty (or, nearly so), it’s easy to overlook the doors that may be opening for us if we are too set in old habits and patterns.  Change at any age is difficult, but it’s especially tough in the fourth and latter decades.

Some of you may not need or want a change. Good for you!  But many of us are smack dab in the middle of a middle-age change — welcomed or otherwise — and are in need of guidance.

For me, my backside is burning from the number of doors that have closed in recent years, but I’m eager about the plethora of options I now have.  For starters, I always wanted to move to a warmer climate, but my then-husband’s career kept us grounded in Missouri.  With its freezing winters and smoldering summers, my body simply rebels!  Put me in the tropics or a like climate however, and I’m 15 years younger instantaneously!

As I search for the appropriate career opportunity, my options are limited only by my personal preference for how close to a beach I can be!  Though I won’t pass up the perfect job just because it’s in, oh, let’s say — Tennessee — I will take a lesser salary for a warm coastal region.

The door is open to that warmer climate, and I fully hope to soon find my way through it!  A decade ago, I never would’ve dreamed that this kind on an opportunity would come my way, nor would I have appreciated the freedom generated by getting hit in the backside with a different door as it slammed me forward.

Making a Change

Not all doors are so easy to recognize, however.  Likewise, we have to be aware that a door does not have to close in order for us to take advantage of the infinite possibilities available to us at this stage of our lives.

If you want or need a change, what’s stopping you? In the words of famous comedian Milton Berle, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Our middle and later years are, in and of themselves, an opportunity.  Even as your natural eyesight begins to falter, your internal vision has never been more acute.  Keep those eyes open and watch for the opportunities — or build your own door.  There is an opportunity just ahead!

~ Lynda C. Watts

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3 Responses to An Open Door

  1. “Discovering Your Passion in Spite of the Economy”

    My passion is to be a big picture person utilizing years of experience to tie the value chain together; to connect unique, emerging, and disruptive technologies to project and hence, financial opportunity, in the fields of world infrastructure. Right now I’m busy creating opportunities in waste-to-energy, water quality/desalinization, revolutionary transportation technologies. The core to all these activities are good solid program management and project management competencies.

    There is a great need to add a social and environmental metric to all that we do. I enjoy tying all the pieces together; the financial, technical, and social/environmental needs of projects.

    The greatest opportunities today are in emerging markets and transformative/disruptive technologies and markets.

  2. Janice says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m confused…
    I dont know how your comment is related to the topic Thomas Young PE. Maybe you’re just trying to get in some self promotion? You say, “There is a great need to add a social and environmental metric to all that we do.” What does that even mean, and how does it relate to this topic? Not trying to upset the apple cart but your comment confuses me so much that i thought you must have posted it here by accident. Oh well.

  3. You nailed in with a fantastic posting with a lot of great info

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